Career Summary

I have been doing system administration and technical support at various levels for almost 20 years. I specialize in Unix and Linux servers and workstations.

I have administered 100 Sun workstations laid out on wire shelves. I have administered 200 Linux enterprise server hosts that fit into 7 19" racks. I've built enterprise-level DHCP and DNS networks that reduce the amount of administration an individual host needs. That saves time and money.

My professional goals are on two parallel tracks, right now. I am looking to move into true Enterprise System Administration. I've also been exposed to many Project Management techniques, recently. I'm coming to the opinion that I could do Technical Project Management. I've learned a little about a qualification called Project Management Professional that seems like a good thing to shoot for.

Technical Skills


Robert Half Government
contracted to MorphoTrak, Inc., biometric solutions developer.
South Kitsap Fire & Rescue
Fire District
Attachmate Corp., Seattle, WA
Emulation and mainframe integration software manufacturer.
Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI), Mountain View, CA
Computer hardware and software manufacturer.
Black Rock City, LLC, dba Burning Man, San Francisco, CA
Very large scale annual event/art festival near Gerlach, NV